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                              Exploring Oklahoma History is jt for the fun of seeing what there is to see in the great state of Oklahoma, and to possibly learn a little something along the way.
                              - Labor omnia vincit -


                              Oklahoma Historic Places Database
                              This database is provided to help you explore the great state of Oklahoma.
                              This Day in Oklahoma History
                              An calandar full of Oklahoma history. See what happened today.
                              Exploring Oklahoma Journal
                              The latest of our discoveries and adventures around Oklahoma.


                              Historic Place of the Day

                              Black Iron Fountain

                              The first watering fountain in Ponca City once stood near the Marland Estate stables. Mrs. George Fluke, the designer of the Oklahoma state flag, repainted the relief daises on the fountain.


                              Today In Oklahoma History

                              20 February

                              Hmmm. Nothing listed for today, February 14. Guess we'll jt have to look ahead.

                              Tulsa Port of Catoosa Dedication

                              On a cold February day, William Verity, President of Armco Steel Corporation gave the keynote speech at the dedication of the Tulsa Port of Catoosa. Seated on his left is Tulsa Mayor Robert J. LaFortune. To his right is Jacques Cunningham, master of ceremonies for the dedication. Mr. Cunningham was the first chairman of the City of Tulsa-Rogers County Port Authority. more...




                              Latest Journal Entries

                              Big Database Update

                              Over the next few weeks I'll be making several updates to the Exploring Oklahoma History Historic Places Database....

                              July 25, 2018 03:30 PM  / 
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